Where I intervene / my services

All psychotherapy sessions can be face-to-face or online (online)


Individual psychotherapy

Couple psychotherapy

Family psychotherapy

Adolescent psychotherapy

Occupational psychotherapy

Group psychotherapy

Social psychotherapy

Workshops in institutions / organisations / educational centres

These are workshops, seminars and thematic courses that can be requested and offered for all types of intervention in personal growth, to be given in private or public organisations, in educational centres, associations of all kinds, town councils, companies, etc. and aimed at both individuals and groups. Here are some of the workshops I offer, but other thematic workshops adapted to the demands of the client can be requested. These workshops, and any other workshop created on demand, can be carried out individually or as courses covering different topics to be addressed. The basis of all these workshops is based on the recognition and treatment of limiting and dysfunctional beliefs that prevent us from a better functioning and performance within the areas to be addressed in each workshop.

Irrational/limiting/dysfunctional beliefs workshop

Personal growth workshop

Discussion/meeting/self-help groups workshop

Scarcity/money/abundance/work workshop

Workshop on emotions

Personal empowerment workshop

Mindfulness/guided relaxation workshop

Forgiveness workshop

Guilt workshop

Emotional education workshop

Self-concept/self-image/self-esteem workshop

Lgbtiq+ workshop

Conscious/unconscious mind workshop

Projections and personal polarities workshop

Intervention in institutions / organisations / educational centres

Development of social and psychosocial intervention projects in education (schools, educational centres, ESO, secondary education and other educational centres of various kinds), social intervention for town councils and other organisations and social intervention in companies. Given the large number of non-Spanish speaking foreigners who reside and establish their businesses and companies in Spain and, in this case, on the Costa Blanca, social intervention can be very beneficial for the adaptation and understanding of the characteristics of the culture and mentality of our country.

The implementation of social intervention projects in any field entails, roughly speaking, the identification of the problem to be solved, the formulation of procedures for collecting information, the negotiation and financing of projects, the implementation of the proposed intervention techniques, the modification and reformulation of the whole process if necessary to optimise and refine the achievement of the objectives of such projects, the monitoring of the intervention, the subsequent evaluation of the results and the drafting of a report on the intervention plan carried out.

Social intervention

Intervention in education

Intervention in organisations/companies

Lgbtiq+ intervention

Personal integration of non-spanish speaking companies or foreign nationals in Spain